Thursday, January 24, 2013

Becky's Family

You know when you get a little older and it seems your family is never all together at the same time? The little things become so much more important. We are all so busy with different things, schedules, babies, work, church, cooking, cleaning and shopping? Time just seems to slip through our fingers. This Christmas season Becky knew her entire family would all be together for at least a few days. Great Grandpa, her older brother and family were visiting from out of state, it was the perfect opportunity for the family Christmas pictures. We set our date for the session and then began to arrange a time. She had to arrange everyone's schedule which proved to be a bit more difficult than expected but did manage to orchestrate a time and location. For a few minutes, Becky's family was able to enjoy some fun in the sun, slow things down and be all together again, if only for a bit. Sweet Blessings to you Becky and your family! BW6 BW13 BW5 BW14 BW19 BW17 BW16 BW36 BW32 BW8 BW7 BW4a BW21 BW34 BW2 BW18 BW10 BW20 BW35 BW33 BW30 BW3

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