Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sweetest little family ever! Maybe it's their Mid-West Roots... {yah dontcha know}... maybe it's their witty and dry humor.... or maybe it's because they are so relaxed and easy going.....whatever it is, this session was so much fun! I love the stories that each picture tells. I love that The Little Missy has lost so many teeth and that we timed the session perfectly to capture her toothless smile {I did hear that The Tooth Fair was quite generous, and had left .50 for each tooth}. Oh and that dog!!! Oh my goodness!!! I could take him home with me! I mean, they might notice that he was missing but who could blame me?! Who knew a dog could be well behaved, obedient to every command and absolutely gorgeous?! What a good dog. Enjoy your time looking at the Ms session. TKM13 TKM6 115 TKM5 TKM1 TKM12 TKM10 TKM8 TKM9 TKM11 TKM4 TKM2 TKM7 TKM15 TKM14

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Amy Sobrito said...

Ahhhh these turned out so sweet! Love all of them!