Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eden and Johnny

Eden and Johnny's had been sweethearts in high school.  On this day their hearts were united as one and are now husband and wife.

God bless you both as you have begun your married lives together.

They sang this song at their wedding reception, it was so meaningful and sweet. I wish there was a recording of it so I could link you to it... but for now here is a YouTube rendition with the lyrics. It will open in another page, so enjoy the music as you look through through their wedding blog.

EJ29 EJ28 EJ2 EJ35 EJ12 EJ10 EJ13 EJ9 EJ26 EJ14 EJ16 EJ18 EJ30 EJ27 EJ17 EJ19 EJ31 ED21 EJ7 EJ24 EJ5 EJ3 EJ25 EJ22 EJ23 EJ34 EJ33 EJ1 EJ11

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