Wednesday, December 29, 2010


the Lord has come!

What a wonderful Truth. He came to give us Life... His life.
The ultimate gift of love and what an amazing gift to us all.
His love overwhelms me and at times I am left in awe.

This year has brought about some changes,
some good,
some I was uncertain of,
some that brought me to my knees,
some that made me dance with joy,
some that I worried about...
in the end they were all blessings of His goodness and love.
It took me a little time before Father could show me this for some of them though

One of the first changes was when our Jordan married his sweetheart, Karen. They had a beautiful wedding filled with tons of love, laughter, dancing and fun! What a blessing to know that they both love the Lord and choose to follow Him in their marriage. My brother Gabriel and Katie Ekno helped me take pictures while Amy did all the editing. Another change which occurred was our Luke went away to Wisconsin for college. This was HUGE and yet Father was there the entire time! The next change that followed when their Grandbaby, Genevieve was born. Many more changes have occured, all of which have made our time together as a family even more precious. I am so thankful that we are all able to share 2 weeks together, remembering why we celebrate Christmas.

We had other family visit during the Christmas season... that blog will follow in a few days

Christmas Picture of our blesssings
Christmas 2010

Santa and his little Elf helper were here today
Christmas 2010

Luke dressed up like Santa, so Joshie had to dress up as well....
Christmas 2010

Cozy and comfty fashion is what I ask the family to wear for Christmas Day :-) I love Joshie's little face that he is making in this picture.
Christmas 2010

Our first Christmas with our daughter Karen and G.Babes...this was our best Christmas to date! Papa Nile even got in on this picture :-)
Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010


Angie said...

Happy New Year, my friend!

I always love the Valenzuela family pics. You all have way too much creativity and beauty; stinkers.

I, too, feel so blessed by the Lord's faithfulness through change. I can't imagine doing life without Him walking alongside.

Thanks for sharing! Love to see life through your blog posts.

still.sofia said...

Thank you Angie! What kind words!

God is so good to bring about change in our lives, even when I am dragging me feet, kicking and screaming all the way... He is so loving and patient!

Thanks again my friend and sweet blessings to you and yours in 2011~

Gladieator said...

Happy New Year, Friendship!

2010 has really flew by quick! You are truly blessed to have those wonderful kids and G.Babes! Love her already..can't wait to hold her someday.

May 2011 bring you all so much more blessings! And many more memories captured by you through your talent with the lenses!

Love love love,
Glads ^0^

still.sofia said...

You are right, we are blessed with our children and Grandbaby! I can't wait for you to meet her, I know you will fall in love with her!
Thank you for your blessings...I pray that my lens will be able to capture your sweet family very soon.