Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sometimes unexpected blessings are found when things do not go the way we had plan. Originally, I was suppose to take the Rivera's family picture at their little man's first birthday party. He is born right around Halloween, you can just imagine all the possibilities for birthday parties he will have in his lifetime. Dad, being a good Dad, got caught up in the festivities. He had forgotten that we were going to do family photos after the party and went and got his face painted, which I have to say came out amazing! The only thing is, it is very difficult to have your family picture taken when your face looks like a WWF wrestler.

Later, we agreed to meet at a local park to take their family picture, this time, only Mom would be sporting the makeup. When I saw what they were wearing, I knew the pictures were going to be perfect.

I was so happy to meet up with them the next month....
someone started walking....
he is so big now!!!

In the end, Dad getting his face painted was the best thing that happened!!! I love, love, love how these pictures turned out and I was blessed to be able to see the little man on the go, go.

Merry Christmas

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