Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am blessed to have a sister. We are close in age, strength, personality and character. When we were young, we fought like crazy little monkeys. Always picking at each other, anything could start a fight. As much as we fought, we loved even more. She has always had my back, has known my heart and held my hand when I needed it. Sometimes we laugh so hard we cry. Our children will see us and ask why we are crying, to which we respond, "We are not crying, we are laughing". Baffled they just walk away. I am sure they are saying to themselves, "Our Mom's are crazy!!!" And, well, we are.

My sister has a beautiful family. Her husband loves and adores her. Her son is as handsome as his Dad. He is the younger version of his Father to the tee. The Baby Girl is just getting to be the age where they cross over and are no long a child....

May the children grow up to be even better people than their parents are. May they know God always loves them. May my sister and her husband be blessed with a life filled with many more beautiful moments in time... these are just a few of the pictures that I was able to freeze in time.

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