Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young Love

Young love always makes my heart take wings and fly. It stirs beautiful memories and brings hope to the future. I have called Lisa, "Peanut", as a sweet & tender turn she would called me Mom. I was blessed to meet her when she was in 8th grade and have been able to watch her grown up to become a beautiful woman, from the inside out

Through thick and thin she has been a joy to my soul and now she is a grown & lovely woman. Married and establishing a home of her own.

After all the pictures were done, I was able to pray a blessing upon them. May they always love each other. Seeking Truth in all they do, I pray that God will bless their future together!!!!
Always and Forever,

Lisa and Lucas103

Lisa and Lucas112

.Young Love

Lisa on her wedding day.

.Young Love

We're married!!!!


Angie said...

Gorgeous, girl! Just lovely. Can't wait to see more.

Angie said...

check out this link...someone on pioneer woman's site (don't know Miz Booshay) tells about some of her fave photography blogs...thought you might find them interesting.


still.sofia said...

Thank you Angie!!!
I will check out the link :-)